We’re keen to offer as many chances as possible for people to get involved with what we do.  We’ve come up with a few suggestions; if you have any more, let us know by emailing [email protected].

Make a donation!

We use all surplus resources, outside of our reserves,  to reinvest into the concert programmes.  Therefore the more money we have available, the higher the quality of the artists we can engage.  If you feel you  would like to help, and if you are able, we would welcome donations, of any size.

Click EA make a donation

Become an Edington Angel!

Our membership scheme welcomes a close-knit group of supporters who are eligible for certain benefits in return for an affordable annual subscription.  This steady income stream enables us to cover things like postage, printing and so on without having to use funds from our artistic budgets, while contributing to concert programming at the same time.  Angels thus help very directly to stabilise, safeguard and increase the musical activity which Edington Arts can promote in the Priory Church.

We are delighted to offer all Edington Angels priority booking for all our own concerts, and an annual event at which you can get to know some of our performers. All concerts and other Edington Arts events carry a 10% discount for Edington Angels.

You can subscribe either jointly, at £50 per annum, or individually, at £30 per annum,  payable by Standing Order. Click Angel application form to download the application and standing order form, including a Gift Aid declaration.

Practical help

Are you very local to Edington? Getting our concerts from planning to performance involves a number of jobs ‘behind the scenes’ as well as front of house.  We’re a small team, and would be very glad of any offers of practical help for things like car parking, stewarding, programme distribution and so on. Email [email protected]  if you’d like to find out more about these.

Thank you for your interest; we look forward to meeting you soon!